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Join Us in our Efforts to  Provide Animal Care on our Island

The mission of the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center is to promote and provide humane care for the many animals that come to us abandoned and/or neglected.  We care for them when no one else is there for them!

Individual Membership Levels

  • Platinum Membership:   $500.00
    Platinum Membership includes our Membership Card with discounts at supporting local businesses, a Shelter T-Shirt in your choice of size, and special recognition on our website.  Of course our gratitude, newsletter, and special invitations to events are also included!
  • Gold Membership: $250.00
    Gold Membership includes our Membership Card with discounts, a Shelter-TShirt in your choice of size and our gratitude, newsletter, and special invitations to events.
  • Silver Membership: $150.00
    Silver Memberships include our Membership Card with discounts, newsletter, special invites and of course our gratitude!
  • Bronze Membership: $50.00
    Bronze Memberships receive our gratitude and newsletter.
  • Youth Membership: $25.00 
    For students and persons under the age of 18, our youth membership receive the same benefits as our Bronze members!

Individual Membership

$ 150.00
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Donation Total: $150.00

Business Membership Levels

  • Best Friend :  $5000.00+
    A donation of $5000.00 or greater this year gives your business “Best Friend” status with the SCAWC.  During the membership year, your business will be featured on our web page as a Best Friend Business with logo and promotion, recognized on our FACEBOOK page and thanked regularly in our newsletter.  Your business will recieve a special recognition plaque suitable for display.  Additional recognition as appropriate.  Thank you for being a true Best Friend of the SCAWC.  We can not survive and continue to support our community without our Best Friend Businesses.  Thank You!
  • Loyal Companion: $2000.00+
    Businesses who support with a donation at the Loyal Companion level will be recognized on our web page with logo and promotion, receive thanks on our FACEBOOK page and be thanked in our newsletter.  Thank you for your loyal support.  Loyal Companions help make our work possible.
  • Buddy Business:  $ 500.00+
    Be our Buddy!  Make a donation of $500.00+ to show that your business supports the work of the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center.  We will add your business to our 2018 buddy list on our web page, thank you on Facebook and in our newsletter.  We love our St. Croix business buddies!  Thank you for your support.

Business Membership

2% funded
$ 2,000.00
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Donation Total: $2,000.00