Animal Control Services

St. Croix AWC is the only organization on island providing animal control and cruelty and last year rescued approximately 3,000 animals in distress.

Dog Tags—It is the Law

In the Virgin Islands, animals must be registered with the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center. Tags cost $5 per year and can be purchased at our shelter facility. Tag purchases are recorded and extremely beneficial in locating missing animals. In addition, the Territory requires that owners leash dogs while in public. Help us end the stray dog problem on St. Croix, leash and identify your dog.

Animal Cruelty and Abuse

If you see abuse in progress call 911. The Territory outlaws animal cruelty and abuse and those who commit these offenses are subject to criminal prosecution. Help us stop animal cruelty and abuse. Report suspected abuse and cruelty:
  • Call 778-1650, you do not have give your name
  • Provide the location of the abused animal
  • Give details of the suspected abuse, if evidence such as photographs are available, provide them to our animal control team
  • Animal control will dispatch to the location and contact VIPD.
Animal cruelty and abuse is a crime. Our animal control team depends on community assistance to bring criminals to justice and stop this hateful, hurtful treatment of animals on St. Croix.


For owners that are unable to care for dogs or cats, our animal control team will pick up these animals at no charge. Animal control is working to stop illegal abandonment and dumping of animals on St. Croix.

Stray Animals

Animal control responds to reports of stray animals. Concerned citizens can assist in reducing the number of strays on island. Call 778-1650 to report stray animals. If possible try to enclose the animal or wait with the animal until our wardens arrive.

Missing Animals

Report missing pets to St. Croix AWC at 778-1650 and provide a detailed description of the pet. Reuniting owners with the missing pets is one of the goals of the animal control team at our shelter.