Keep Your Pet from Becoming a Statistic---Buy a Pet Tag

In 2010 more than 2500 strays were taken in by the St Croix Animal Welfare Center. With hurricane season approaching, AWC is getting proactive. We plan a number of tag and chip events in the coming months starting with this Friday’s Jump Up from 6 p.m. until in Christiansted, April 29, 2011.

As part of our competition in the ASPCA Challenge, AWC will be reviewed on the number of strays returned to owner over that same number last year. We need your help St. Croix. Pet tags are only $5 can be purchased at our shelter location and online via this website. Microchips are $25 and sold daily–7 days per week–at AWC.

According to a recent ASPCA study 87% of pet owners think that id tags are important, but only 33% bother to tag their pets.  Take care of your pet. Make sure it gets home safe and sound. They depend on YOU for safety. AWC depends on you to do the right thing. . . take care of your pet. Call us for details 778-1650.

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