Traveling with Pets

Transporting Family Pets – Resources & Information

All of us at the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center (AWC) are saddened  to know that many of our friends will be leaving.  We wish you all the best and thank you for all you have done for AWC over the years.

We are providing the following information to hopefully make your transition easier.

Traveling With Your Pet

Our best advice – make your pet’s travel arrangements as soon as possible. Very Important! Do not wait until the week you are leaving, or you may be leaving a family member behind.

All major airlines on island will not accept checked pets after May 15th through September and all must adhere to their strict temperature restrictions. They also will not accept any animal weighing 100 lbs. +, this means your dogs weight including weight of the crate.  Seaborne can carry up to 100lbs(including weight of crate) to Puerto Rico, but they are very limited on space and reservations must be very specific. Call airlines and reserve.

If weather is not between 45 F and 85 F at any layover or arrival on your trip, or if you are leaving after May 15th, contact the Animal Help Desk through United/Continental 1-800-575-3335.  Pets can travel without an escort on their temperature controlled cargo plane with PetSafe Program. They can also take overweight (100+ lbs.) animals…but animal has to be transported to Puerto Rico and checked into Continental by owner.  Also if temp below 45F , ask your vet about a Temperature Waiver.  All pets must travel with a Health and Rabies Certificate.

Jet Blue, Cape Air, and US Airways take Carry On Pets Only, 20lbs or less in their travel bag.

Another option is an organization called AirPropel which has a division called PetPropel.   You can travel with your pet right in the cabin.  They currently are trying to find a few more owners/dogs for their April 26 charter flight to Miami in order to use a larger plane.  They have some people interested in a May flight, but need more people to offer that flight.  Their June flight is already quite full.  Their website is:  You can call and speak with Lauren @ (340) 626-1703 or email her at:

Crates and bags available at Progressive Vet 718-1256 and Superior Pet Supply 718-6661 – limited supply, purchase early!

Call SCAWC for more information and/or assistance, 778-1650.

If You Cannot Travel With Your Pet

Please bring your pet to the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center.  We will do everything we can to find a loving home for your pet.

If your pet is not spayed or neutered, please consider doing so before they are brought to the AWC.  The FixIt Foundation is offering free spay and neuter; just call 715-7633.  You will be given a ten-digit code that you provide to your veterinarian when you schedule your pet’s surgery and the operation will be free.   This will make your pet more adoptable.

Whatever happens, please do not abandon any pets.



Don’t forget to renew your memberships! By becoming a member you are helping the AWC save animals and give them the love and furever homes they deserve!


We have more information on our membership page! You may renew online, in person or by mail! You will also be able to vote at and attend our Annual Meeting and receive our newsletter and other great offers for events with the AWC!


Please renew, and if you aren’t a member already join today!

Keep Your Pet from Becoming a Statistic--Buy a Pet Tag

In 2010 more than 2500 strays were taken in by the St Croix Animal Welfare Center. With hurricane season approaching, AWC is getting proactive. We plan a number of tag and chip events in the coming months starting with this Friday’s Jump Up from 6 p.m. until in Christiansted, April 29, 2011.

As part of our competition in the ASPCA Challenge, AWC will be reviewed on the number of strays returned to owner over that same number last year. We need your help St. Croix. Pet tags are only $5 can be purchased at our shelter location and online via this website. Microchips are $25 and sold daily–7 days per week–at AWC.

According to a recent ASPCA study 87% of pet owners think that id tags are important, but only 33% bother to tag their pets.  Take care of your pet. Make sure it gets home safe and sound. They depend on YOU for safety. AWC depends on you to do the right thing. . . take care of your pet. Call us for details 778-1650.

Shorty Gets a Leg Up thanks to AWC

Short Greets Spring in Central Park

Shorty, a full grown Crucian mix, spent several months at AWC seeking a home. He attended off site adoptions. He participated in school programs as a reading partner for elementary students. He liked cats, kids, people of all stripes. And yet, no one who visited AWC saw Shorty’s great heart. Staff knew we had to place this special boy. And after a long wait he traveled to New York City to his current forever home. Shorty has been accepted into therapy dog training and will get to share his big heart with people who need extra love.

Flight transfers to stateside homes and shelters are no easy task for the AWC staff. St. Croix is not authorized for unaccompanied cargo, so pets must have a human travel partner. None of the major commercial airlines give AWC a price break, so we incur costs of $100 and up just to give pets a second chance at adoption. But we feel Shorty and his fellow shelter pals are worth it.

The ASPCA Challenge is allowing us to learn more about innovations in adoptions and new means to communicate to our community. Help us Save More Lives, Lives like Shorty, in 2011.

Vote every day now until April 15. Show your support for all the other Shorties at StCroix AWC.

Pledge Party - Moises Sings

“Crucian Dog”

“The Dog That Could Read”

Caring for Animals is Focus of Expo

Volunteers Julie Case (left) and Lucille Savarino with AWC puppies Nate and Drew, who are up for adoption.

The article copied below can be found in the St. Croix Source here.

The prospect of cash prizes and an opportunity to do some research about animals brought several children together for St. Croix’s first Animal Care Exposition. On Saturday, the Department of Agriculture grounds flourished with excited children and proud parents ready to display their artful works.

Learning Networks Foundation (LWF) partnered with the Animal Welfare Center (AWC) to create the expo, where children, grades K-8, were given an opportunity to design research projects related to animals that live on or around St. Croix. The projects were divided into three divisions by grade: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. First, second, and third-place winners were awarded cash prizes of $100, $50, $25 respectively.

Children enjoyed the fun-filled day with a number of free events including a puppet show and climbing wall. The climbing wall was the most popular, and some children scurried up more than five times. Stephen O’Dea brought St. Croix’s favorite donkey, Eeyore, who always seems to provide children with laughs.

Program coordinator Wanda Banks of LWF hoped to get more involvement from the community, but was still pleased with the turnout.

“We mostly did this to promote the importance of kindness and awareness of animals, and this gave us the opportunity to do that,” she said.

Gretchen Sherrill, shelter coordinator of the AWC, said that the Expo not only gave the shelter the opportunity to try and get some pets adopted, but it was a chance to do educational outreach to the community, one of several ways that the AWC informs individuals about humane treatment of animals.

“We have an overpopulation of animals at the shelter, and this is one of several means to get people involved, to stop that from happening,” she said.

The day ended with a small award ceremony where the children were able to collect trophies and checks for their research projects.

Award winners:

K-2 Division – All from St. Croix Montessori

  • 1st Place –Makari Matthew
  • 2nd Place – Zack Bozzo and Jared Doran
  • 3rd Place – Yahn Velazquez

3-5 Division

  • 1st Place – Sheela Rikhye, Gabby Gomez and Sophia Alvarado – Good Hope School 4-H
  • 2nd Place – Alexis Matarangas-King –St. Croix Montessori
  • 3rd Place – Allanise Johannes –Juanita Gardine

6-8 Division

  • 1st Place –Akilah Hodge, Juan Aponte, Raquan Carter, Javan Menzies –Juanita Gardine
  • 2nd Place – Shamicka Delerme and Johanna Manon –Juanita Gardine
  • 3rd Place – Jadheem Donovan and Kevin Gilbert – Juanita Gardine

Thanks to Jett and the entire Country Day School boy's 5th grade class

Thanks to Jett and the entire Country Day School boy’s 5th grade class. In lieu of gifts for his birthday, Jett requested donations to the Animal Welfare Center. Thank you, students, for your gifts and support of the pets.

Storm Preparedness for Pets Reminder

The St. Croix Animal Welfare Center (AWC) encourages you not to forget your pets when preparing for potential disasters. All dogs on St. Croix are required by law to be licensed with AWC. The cost is only $5.

Owners can also microchip their pets for $25 for added security.

Pets should be brought inside or in an enclosed area for their own safety. Call 778-1650 or 778-1651 to reach AWC animal control or to report a missing or found pet. For an animal abuse or dog bite emergency call 911 and then call AWC.Please see the following tips from the Humane Society of the United States for pet preparedness.

Pet owners can reduce their animals’ chances of being at risk during a disaster by following the suggestions below.

  • Put a collar with visible identification on your pets, including indoor-only pets.
  • Keep pictures of your pets on hand for identification purposes.
  • Create a pet emergency kit (see below) and refresh the items every few months.
  • Talk to your neighbors about how they can help your pets if you are not at home when disaster strikes.
  • Pet emergency kits should include:
  • Three-or-more-day supply of food in airtight, waterproof containers, and drinking water.
  • Bowls for food and water.
  • Current photos and physical description of your pets, including details on markings.
  • Medications, vaccination records and first aid pet supplies.
  • Comfort items such as a toy and blanket.
  • Small garbage bags.
  • For dogs include: leash, harness and a sturdy carrier large enough to use as a sleeping area.
  • For cats include: litter and litter box and a sturdy carrier large enough for transport and for your cat to use as a temporary “apartment” for several days.